Retro Lawn Mower That’s Turning All the Heads

Retro Lawn Mower That’s Turning All the Heads

In the world of mowing, it’s not often you say that you’re excited to go out and trim that lawn. The sun is out, the temperature is off the charts and that grass seems to be on some kind of growth hormone because you swear you just cut it last week. As Justine Small from Homewares Insider points out , not all of us have the money or time to research all the zero turn mower reviews. However, I think we’ve found the exception to that rule in the mower that is a flash back to times gone by, or into the future, which ever way you prefer to look at it.

This ridiculously awesome mower is the craftsmanship of a forum user called Jeep2013 and his mini project to build a mini mower with a Jetsons style theme to it.

It’s a mix of many different parts comes from a wide variety of sources. The cutting is an old smoker grill, a Tecumseh snowblower motor is providing the power and the retro tail lights seem to be straight out of the 1960s.

The official name for the mower is “Li’ Scalper” which comes from the snowblowers engine name. For some this name may be a little too close to a hint of racism, however, if the look of the mower is that of the 1940s and 1950s, then I guess the name will fit right in.

Jeep2013 stats that cleaning the mower isn’t easy and he didn’t really have maintenance in mind when designing the item. This too is reminiscent of the cars of the same era where cleaning was far less of an importance to the look of the automobile. For those paying close attention, you will see the mower comes complete with a front panel badge which Jeep2013 says is a civil way statue painted silver and mounted especially on the front. I think he must be an American civil war buff too.

This is a great mower and definitely worthy of Boutique Des Terrorirs commendable status. Be sure to check it out.