man using a weed wacker


Several terms often intermingle in lawn care and landscaping, confusing even the most seasoned gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. Words like “weed trimmer,” “string trimmers,” “gas-powered weed whacker,” “weed whip,” and “battery-powered string trimmers” seem to be used interchangeably. This leaves many wondering: what is a weed wacker? Or is a weed wacker better than a lawn mower?
In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify the tool called Weed Wacker. Whether you call i

In the world of mowing, it’s not often you say that you’re excited to go out and trim that lawn. The sun is out, the temperature is off the charts and that grass seems to be on some kind of growth hormone because you swear you just cut it last week. As Justine Small from Homewares Insider points out , not all of us have the money or time to research all the zero turn mower reviews. However, I think we’ve found

What better way to kick off Boutique Des Torroirs than with a celebration barbecue. Namely a barbecue at our friend Trevor’s house. The reason we are here is to check out what he reckons is the best propane smoker built this side of the Mississippi, well as least according to the authority of Homewares Insider.
In particular, we are in New Orleans and have come down here to check out this custom made propane smoker built by Trevor over the past year.  Trevor is part of a local bicycle festival and