4 Effective Methods To Keep Your Cannabis Plants Safe From Thieves

4 Effective Methods To Keep Your Cannabis Plants Safe From Thieves

If you grow your cannabis outside, your main concern would be the ones who want to steal them. The most ideal method to safeguard your marijuana is to use protection that will not alarm the cops. When talking about sharp-witted cultivating, the most ideal way is powerful and secure protection.

Repel Burglars Off Your Lawn And Your Cannabis

Even if you try to use all kinds of pesticides or other methods of fighting off pests to protect your plant, you wouldn’t be able to repel them all. In our society where it has been legalized to grow their own marijuana, the ones who know how to do so are at risk to be taken advantage of by these marijuana looters. It is through envy or just the personal desire of free cannabis for recreational uses that pushes them to steal. Some might be able to use them for business because aside from those uses, cannabis is also the main ingredient for CBD Oil. Here are some useful tips on how to protect your plant.

Marijuana Defense System

1.      Never spill that you are cultivating cannabis

Some people might find it eccentric when they discover that you are growing marijuana on your land, which is not a surprising thing.  However, they are not the main concern why you have to keep it a secret. If you disclose to some people or even to your closest friends about it, someone might eavesdrop on you, and when he finds out about it, you might wake up one day that your cannabis has been nabbed. In any case, you are talking business with someone who manufactures CBD Oil, that is an exception.

2.      Do not make your plant visible

Being quiet about it does not make it a total secret if you do not know how to hide it. Make sure that your cannabis is out of sight of snooping eyes. The method for keeping your plant safe requires some important factors:

3.      Pruning and topping frequently is necessary for the health of your cannabis

Be certain that it won’t excessively grow outside the borders of your garden

Take risks to inculcate them to control their size

Companion planting may not totally deprive burglars of stealing them, but they can still optimally protect your weeds:

·       Hide your marijuana from the sight of other people
·       Block the cannabis with other thicker plants
·       Use plants that has a stronger smell to cover them

4.      Go ‘high’ when it comes to security

No, it does not mean that you should use your plant. It means that high technology is a better choice in protecting your plant such as:

·       CCTV Cameras
·       Motion Sensor Activated Lights
·       Alarms

Some looters do their heist during the night, so cameras and motion-sensor activated lights would be useful to repel them off. The cameras would be functional evidence against the thief, especially if you are legally growing your weed. Alarms are suggested if you are mostly in your property because some stray animals might set them off and annoy your neighbors.

5.      Canine is a Convenient Companion for Cannabis

A dog is also a wise security system because it can roam around your lawn all day. You do not have to train it to bite any stranger he sees on your land, but when he detects an intruder, he will bark on the person to notify you immediately.

All You Need Is A Harmless Defence Around The Fence

We can never deny that it is truly infuriating when the cannabis plant you have been working on so hard to grow gets stolen. Also, putting extreme harmful traps would make you liable, especially when someone gets hurt.  As long as the law approves your marijuana growing, make sure that your defense system won’t violate it as well. When cultivating outside, do it in a clever way through these tips that you have just read.

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